Friday 30 September 2016, 14:00: MMT: A UniFormal Approach to Knowledge Representation, Florian Rabe (Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany).

Abstract. UniFormal is the idea of representing all aspects of knowledge uniformly, including narration, deduction, computation, and databases.
Moreover, it means to abstract from the multitude of individual systems, which not only often focus on just one aspect but are doing so in mutually incompatible ways, thus creating a universal framework of formal knowledge.

MMT is a concrete representation language to that end.
It systematically abstracts from assumptions typically inherent in the syntax and semantics of concrete systems, and focuses on language-independence, modularity, and system interoperability.
While constantly evolving in order to converge towards UniFormal, its design and implementation have become very mature. It is now a readily usable high-level platform for the design, analysis, and implementation of formal systems.

This talk gives an overview of the current state of MMT, its existing successes and its future challenges.