Thursday 5 April 2018, 14:00, LSV: Translating between lambda calculi with different qubit representation, Agustín Borgna (Universidad de Buenos Aires).

In this talk I will discuss my ongoing master thesis work on a translation from the quantum lambda calculus λρ into λq.

λq is a quantum-data/classical-control typed lambda calculus introduced by Benoît Valiron and Peter Selinger, which uses the classical representation of quantum states as vectors in a Hilbert space.

λρ, introduced by Alejandro Diaz-Caro last year, is a linearly typed lambda calculus representing quantum state by the means of Density Matrices. This alternative formulation of the quantum postulates proves to be equivalent to the classical approach, while allowing the representation of mixed states.

I will introduce both calculi along with some brief notions of quantum computing, and I will talk about the limitations encountered while performing the translation.