Thursday 28 June 2018, 15:00, LSV library: Tactics and certificates in Meta Dedukti, Raphaƫl Cauderlier (IRIF).

Tactics are often featured in proof assistants to simplify the interactive development of proofs by allowing domain-specific automation. Moreover, tactics are also helpful to check the output of automatic theorem provers because they can rebuild details that the provers omit.

We use meta-programming to define a tactic language for the Dedukti logical framework which can be used both for checking certificates produced by automatic provers and for developing proofs interactively.

More precisely, we propose a dependently-typed tactic language for first-order logic in Meta Dedukti and an untyped tactic language built on top of the typed one. We show the expressivity of these languages on two applications: a transfer tactic and a resolution certificate checker.